1. Be “WORRY FREE” because we ensure that you are flawless and beautiful on that day. Why because we are born perfectionist and makeup is part of our DNA.
  2. We only use professional grade of high quality makeup products such as special primers, setting powders and sprays that last until the lasting memories of the event.
  3. We will help you to look natural by choosing the colors that match your unique character and features so that you don’t appear gray, shiny, over, or underdone.
  4. Perfection is the key because we are adding the illusion of depth and in real life so that you don’t look “FLAT” and get the cohesive look that you always want!
  5. Our latest makeup technique. Example, if you want to highlight you eyes or bold lip color, only professional makeup artist know how to use the makeup techniques to make that happen without caking on the product too much.

(By My Beauty Professional Point of View…)