Our personal dinner makeup is a wonderful and exciting way of enhancing your feature and it is perfectly possible to achieve a natural as well as a high fashion look

When it comes to personal makeup, our makeup artist know how to apply the foundation, eye shadows, blushers, lipstick and mascara and make you look wonderfully nature if you are going for either lunch or dinner date. Yes, it is the way we apply it, the subtlety of the tones we use and how we harmonize it that will make all the difference.

First we choose the right foundation and tinted moisturizers to even out your skin. It should go on smoothly and will cover blemishes and even out your skin tone to give you a flawless base. Then we will proceed for making up your eyes to define and compliment the shape. Eye-shadow is our key in all makeup because it offers the widest range of color, shades and forms. After that we will apply blusher t add color to your face and to emphasize the structure of your cheekbones. Lip colors ads the finishing touch to your makeup. Lip colors come in wide array of shades and in either lipstick or lip gloss. Our makeup artist know what colors and finishes (matt, shinny, frosted or opaque) that suit you the best so that you look pretty and flawless when you attending any dinner party or function.

Putting Up Your Hairstyle

Hair can be put in many different ways by tying, twisting, curling, looping and plaiting, for example. Your choice of accessories is always intimately linked with you who is wearing them because it will reflect something positive about your personality.

Accessories for hair come in multitude of materials, colors, design and textures. Our makeup artist, by his or intuitiveness, come as near as possible to finding out what is right for you. Let us extend your style and be just that little bit more daring than yourself might be so that in the end, we will find what is “right” that make the accessory you choose look stunning on your hair.

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Book our professional makeup artist for your dinner party!

Now you can enjoy the most reliable way to book our makeup artists. Our door to door professional makeup services is available to anyone, at your home or any location that you want to that you can stay back and enjoy the makeup from the comfort of your home / hotel.


Our dinner makeup and hairdo package is priced at RM250 net! We make it a good and affordable price so that you can book our makeup services online. Alternatively, call us today at +60125881469 if you need any further assistance.