Want to look and feel like a princess on your big day? We have the best makeup artists lined up for you to choose from!

Whether it is a subtle look or a glamorous one that you are looking to achieve on your wedding day, we offer the region’s best Korean bridal makeup artists to make your dreams come true. We believe that every bride deserves to feel special on the most important day of her life. Our talented makeup artists have the finest skills that will give you a flawless look.

Make heads turn and set the aisle on fire by your exquisite look!

We have several makeup artists on board, and each one of them has expertise in dolling-up Korean brides. They know the right techniques and styles that bring out the perfect Korean bride look. If you have a special look in your mind for this day, you can pick any of our artists and discuss it with them. These artists will make sure that you look exactly like the picture that you have in mind.

Get dewy lips, cherry cheeks, sparkling eyes, and luscious locks by booking with us.

Our makeup artists do not make false claims, but they are trained artists that have worked on a number of Korean brides. Our makeup artists have hands-on experience of working with the most diverse bridal looks. The thing that makes their Korean bridal makeup so dazzling is the detailing that they add. From pearly beads in your hair to the delicate setting of the veil, these artists really know how to glam-up a Korean girl.

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Don’t take a risk on your big day and pick the makeup artists that you can trust.

You cannot just book any makeup artist, especially if you are a Korean bride. Korean brides have a pretty and soft look, which is why it is important to pick the makeup artist who has experience making up Korean bridal makeup. Our makeup artists know how to make a Korean bride look endearing and elegant at the same time. They will put on the most natural and dewy foundation to your face, making you look fresh as a flower.

Pucker up those glossy pink lips and lock lips with the love of your life!

Our makeup artists know how to make a bride look irresistibly sensuous. They make use of coral color for the lips by adding a perfect sheen to them. They will give you lips so sexy that your groom will be unable to resist kissing you.


Fresh Flowers

Clean shining hair and fresh flowers are an irresistible combination. It is fairly simple to introduce a couple of flowers into a ready made style when faced with an occasion like a wedding. Our makeup artist knows how to put the hair pins firmly in place before we attach the flowers. The pins should overlap, forming a lattice pattern. the ends should splay out evenly, in a fan shape, balancing the double over hair at the bottom. A row of individual flowers can be attached with pins but it is easier to assemble a small spray before we start and bind the flowers together in a shape that you desire.

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We are also offering the most affordable bridal makeup packages for all the Korean beauties out there! Don’t miss this amazing deal to look smashing on your wedding day.

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