Even the most expensive makeup in the world won’t look particularly great if you choose the wrong tools. This mean investing in a set of good brushes and applicators so that you can bring out the creative makeup artist in you!

Makeup Sponge

Have a wedge shaped one so you can use the finer edges to help blend in foundation round your nose and jawline and the flatter edges for the cheeks, forehead and chin. However, if you prefer not to use a synthetic sponge try the small, natural ones instead. Remember to use it damp, not dry.

Powder Brush

Get used to using a powder brush each time you put makeup on. To prevent a caked or clogged finish to your ace powder, use a large, soft brush to dust away any excess.

Blusher Brush

Use to add a pretty glow to your skin with a light dusting of powder blusher. A blusher brush is slightly smaller than a powder brush to make it easier to control.

Eye Shadow Brush

Smooth on any shade of eye shadow with this brush.

Eye Shadow Sponge

A sponge applicator is great for applying a sweep of pale eye shadow that doesn’t need much blending or for applying highlighter to your brow bones.

All In One Eyelash Brush / Comb

Great for combing through your lashes between coats of mascara for a clump free finish. Flip the comb over and use the brush side to sweep your eyebrows into shape or soften penciled-in brows.

Lip Brush

Create a perfect outline and then use it to fill in the shape with your lipstick.

Eyebrow Tweezers

It is essential to have a good pair of tweezers for regular tidying up the eyebrows.

Eyelash Curlers

Once used, they’ll soon become a beauty essential! Curlier eyelashes make a huge difference to the way your lashes look and help open up the eyes.