Who is your favorite cosplayer that you want to replicate because we have the best makeup artist to replicate the costume play for you!

Our professional makeup artists can help you to resemblance to the original character in terms of makeup, hair styling and appearance based on your cosplayer costume and prop. We understand that creating a vivid look on favorite anime, manga, live-action actor or cartoon character can be difficult. Therefore, we have hand picked only professional special effect makeup artists who will doll your up, making you look like your favorite character.

We make you look anime with the right kind of makeup by our experienced SFX makeup artists!

Cosplay is all about technique of applying the right layer and level of makeup on your face and using special effect technique to change the look or color of your eyebrow and lip.The vibrant color of hair styling or a right wig if you are renting it online. When it comes to costume, you need to some research for your favorite anime or manga characters and learn more about their costumes, styles and color online. That’s exactly what our FFX artist are trained for when they transform you into your favorite cosplayer by giving you a strong characteristics at the same time.

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Take a look on how we transformed Sazali Samad aka Mr. Universe Malaysia into Badang tribal warrior of Mobile Legends by using the latest special makeup techniques

Book our makeup artist wherever you desire!

There are so many famous and popular cosplayer for you to choose from such as Natsu, Itachi, Ichigo, Naruto, Asuna, Ciel, etc. Now you can enjoy the most reliable way to book our makeup artists. Our door to door professional makeup services is available to anyone, at your home or any any venue which make the makeup experience more fun and flexible.


We are offering amazing packages on cosplay makeup for any occasion or event! Call us today at +60125881469