You have come to the right place because we have the most talented and best special effect (SFX) makeup artist to make your dream character even more alive, look scary, inhuman, beast, monster or alien.

Our special effect (SFX) makeup artist is different from general makeup artist because instead of enhancing your beauty with makeup, we are specially trained to do the exact opposite by adding wounds, fake blood and other materials just to make you look inhuman, monster, beast and abnormality. All this can be done by helping you to resemblance to the monster or alien look using advanced special effect makeup and realistic looking 3D prosthetics using advance latex, rubber, silicone, blood, etc.

Let our talented special effect make artist transform you to a horrifiying zombie creature with their SFX makeup kit!

Sometimes we can even make you look younger, older, turn you from black to white or vice versa. This not only can help to bring the fantasy world back to life but we make it even more captivating and realistic. Talk to us today because our special effect (SFX) makeup artist has the creative solutions to bring your imaginary character back to life.

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