Are you looking to setup a beauty make up bar so that everyone get a small treatment done during an event or before the gala dinner?

Yes! Let us event makeup squad help you to setup the beauty makeup bar for any event or occasion. Whether you want your delegates to look natural, glamorous or something in-between, our event makeup squad can help them to choose the perfect look and hairstyle from the “menu”. Each menu item should be limited to something that can be done in 15 – 30 mins. Example: They can choose either a smokey eye or a winged eye. How about just selection of hairstyle? We can add in a hairdo including waves, braids or curl for them to choose. Well, if you have an event, please come and talk to us because we know what works best with your budget.

Let’s us pamper you and your guests with a fully customizable makeover bar for your lifestyle events, festivals, road show, office or work related events

Make-up Bar

Touch-up Bar

Lip-stick Bar

Hairstyle Bar

Eye Glitter Bar

Mani-Pedi Bar

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Let us setup the makeup bar for you!

Give your guests, delegates or employees a special surprise. Let our makeup squad give them a small makeover treatment done before the gala dinner. We will work hard and make sure your makeup is stunning, your hair look gorgeous or your nails were perfection!


Our event makeup squad currently operate in Kuala Lumpur and we are offering amazing packages for any occasion or event! We like to hear from you. Call us today at +60125881469