Our main aim of course is to help an actor or actress assume the physical, emotional characteristics of the part they are playing so that they can give a convincing performances on stage.

What makes successful theatrical makeup? Preperation, planning and forethought are the first essentials because our makeup artist has vast experiance of theatrical makeup so that your performance can profit from our first class makeup.

An actor appearance on stage is every bit as important as what you says and does. We know how to make your face a portrait of the character you are playing by finding you the right balance between your makeup and the stage lighting. We know how to use greasepaint and water soluble colours to bring out the straights and corrective makeup effect in you. Our makeup artist also know how to explore the exotic makeup used in pantomime with graphic demonstrations on how to make yourself into a convincing fairy, pantomime dame or devil to suit the role you are going to play.

We are painting a character on a living canvas

The aim of straight makeup for male is to put on just the right strength of colour to compensate for the bright stage lighting and for the loss of definition caused by the distance between actor and audience. Wherelse straight makeup for woman is only very subtly different from that for man i.e. apply the base, shade the cheeks, use colour on the eyelids, draw in eyelines, apply carmine to the lips, define the eyebrows, clean the eyelashes and apply mascara.

As for corrective makeup, it is designed to conceal irregularities of faults in your natural appearance that might otherwise stand in the way of your stage role. It may mean changing the size of one eye, altering the shapre of the nose, or even taping back a pair of flapping ears. Our makeup artist can help to ageing or make it a younger face, thinning or fattening the face, and even make it a happy or sad face.

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