PROM makeup should really be fun because it’s the end of the school year. Let our makeup artist creating a hairstyle for you that will look consistently good and last all day because you will be dancing all night!

This is an age at which skin problems, such as spots, blackheads and acne may begin to appear. These reflect the normal hormonal changes taking place in your body which may occur at any time during the teenage years. Stress from examination, important new relationships and the prospect of career looming in the future.

But prom makeup should be really fun because young skins are naturally beautiful. All the makeup you may need is tinted moisturizer, a little mascara and lip gloss or lipstick. If you have a skin problem, our makeup artist knows how to hide your blemishes with cover stick. You can experiment any color you like, even with vibrant ones, for eyes, lips and cheeks with the help of our professional makeup artist.

Putting Up Your Prom Hairstyle

The impact of a hairstyle is created by the connection between hair and the feature of your face. Normally what our makeup artist do is to suggest an affinity that match your look and style. Then we will have your hair outline the features of your face and the soft wisps of curl follow the contours of your nose and mouth. Now your hairstyle related to the features, the lines and the angles of your face making you look soft and feminine and bringing out your natural beauty.

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Book our professional makeup artist for your prom party!

Now you can enjoy the most reliable way to book our makeup artists. Our door to door professional makeup services is available to anyone, at your home or school. Enjoy your first makeup, experiment with it and don’t take it too serious.


We make our PROM makeup and hairdo package is so good and affordable because it is not only RM250 net! Call us today at +60125881469 to book your reliable makeup artist for your prom party!